Friday, April 3, 2009

Stop Sheriff Joe Arpaio

From the National Day Labor Organizing Network:

Take Action to End Racial Profiling! It's Time to Stop Sheriff Joe.


In recent months, the hard work of many has raised the profile of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the most infamous Sheriff since Bull Connor, as the ugliest local face of the failed national 287g program. The Sheriff's march of undocumented inmates in a chain gang the New York Times described as "ritual humiliation" uncovered the racial profiling and terror he's carried out on Maricopa County, and made urgent the need for federal intervention.

Arpaio deputizes vigilante posses to set up check points, dispatches uniformed officers to roam the streets in ski masks, chases janitors with attack dogs and assault weapons, and directs his law enforcement resources at the request of known white supremacists.

40,000 people signed petitions condemning his actions. 5,000 people marched peacefully in Phoenix on February 28 demanding federal intervention to end Arpaio's abuses. Today the House Judiciary Committee investigated the racial profiling inherent in the 287g program.

Yet, Sheriff Joe continues to terrorize Maricopa County, taunting the federal government, and daring them to act. We say enough is enough! President Obama and his Secretary of Homeland Security, former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, need to sever Arpaio's 287g agreement now and restore the rule of law to Maricopa County.

Act now! Send a letter to President Obama calling for the termination of Sheriff Joe's 287g agreement!

And join the facebook group "Outraged at Arpaio" by clicking this link.

Repeat after me: Sheriff Joe has got to go!


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