Monday, March 2, 2009

AG Review of S-E-G- Sought

200pxericholderagnominee 225pxjanetnapolitanoiraq The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota and Latham & Watkins are requesting that Attorney General Eric Holder certify and reverse the Board of Immigration Appeals' July 2008 gang decision in Matter of S-E-G- (Download seg.pdf ).  The decision denied asylum to three Salvadoran teenagers who fled in 2004 to escape conscription by a violent gang. The attorneys also have requested DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, asking that she exercise her own authority to certify the BIA ruling S-E-G- to the AG. Copies of the letters making the requests are posted here.  Download segag_certification_final.pdf Download segdhs_certification_final.pdf

Legal Times has an article on the request.

The ball is in the court of Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.


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