Saturday, September 6, 2008

LPGA Smells the Coffee, Rescinds English Language Rule

We previously have blogged about the new LPGA rule allowing for the suspension of golfers who can’t pass an English exam after two years on tour. The rule appeared aimed at the top Korean golfers.  After a backlash from sponsors, the public, and many Korean golfers, the LPGA has backed off plans for the English language requirement. A new proposal is in the works.  I guess it is back to the drawing board!   


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The way to go is helping the players be more appealing to fans. You don't have to speak English that well but you at least need a little. You can even make English an officially preferred language at all tour appearances, have seminars, etc. and make it mandatory. The mistake was taking the form of a test which, if flunked, would get you kicked off the tour. That made it look like their business concern was to run off some Koreans to make more slots for non-Koreans. Tennis gets all these tall blond Russians and Ukrainians all of whom speak English and I'm sure the golf tour would love it if they all played golf instead. Instead they have all these good Korean players and it's kind of funny to watch them not knowing what to do with them and not know how to handle the delicate PR issues.

Posted by: Jack | Sep 6, 2008 6:44:13 PM

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