Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama's Speech in Berlin

"People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment. This is our time."

As all of us know, there is a direct correlation between U.S. foreign policy and migration (voluntary and involuntary). Barack Obama's speech tonight before more than 200,000 in Berlin represents a major step toward repairing much of the damage that the United States has suffered in its relationship with other countries of the world in the past eight years. The text and video of the speech are available here. Also here is a cool poster of the event.


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For some reason, everyone neglects to mention that Obama spoke at a Free Concert.

Maybe all those thousands of young Germans turned up for the two bands that were playing instead coming to hear a speach in english.

Nah, Obama's charisma is so powerful it transcends language.

More Kool Aid anyone?

Posted by: Thinking Voter | Jul 24, 2008 5:06:22 PM

It was a lot of high-minded hype by a one-term senator with little experience to qualify for the high office. This socialist/transnationalist will bankrupt our nation with social programs while increasing taxes for the middle and wealthy, and discouraging investment and economic growth. With little to choose from this election year, we have little hope but to weather the next president and hope he isn't permitted to do much harm. Time to work on choosing the Obama/McCain replacement and run the democrats out of congress. With congress having the worst approval rating in history it wouldn't take of a demonstration of incompetence to provoke the electorate to run the scoundrels off.

Posted by: Horace | Jul 25, 2008 3:26:35 AM

Upon reading many of the blogs posted here, I must clarify something.
Most Americans agree with the lofty words and visions for world peace that Obama so eloquently pontificates in his speeches ... It's Obama we don't trust. those of you who hypnotically fawn over Obama take everything he says as gospel. But, you don't even know the man. You assume that because his words are worthy, he is trustworthy. People they are just words! Obama, the man who is speaking those words has a horrible track record. He did nothing as a senator. He spent the last 20 years accepting an anti-American racist as his mentor. His associations have been with extremely unsavory people. However, you Obamabots keep trying to characterize the rest of us as disagreeing with what Obama says ... when it's Obama himself we don't trust ... nor should you!

Posted by: Lee | Jul 25, 2008 9:26:59 AM

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