Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alberta, Canada Competes for High Skilled Workers in the Global Economy; U.S. Lags

A reader's tip:  Alberta, Canada is actively recruiting high skilled H1b workers in the U.S discouraged by waiting years for a green card), by promising expedited Permanent Residency in Canada.  As Greg Siskind suggests on his immigration blog.


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I started checking out Mr. Siskind's blog some time ago after this blog linked to it. It's obviously one of the highest level ones although I'm more of a regular here. Aside from the technical visa posts, what jumped out at me was his conflating of business' needs with 'our' (society's) needs--kind of like Tamar Jacoby does. Of course, immigration policy affects us all, not just business so while 'how does it affect business?' should be a consideration, that perspective should not predominate in a popular democracy. In immigration debate, I don't like an overemphasis on the economic aspects of immigration at the expense of, e.g., ecology (although degradation of the environment does obviously have economic implications). It's ironic that so much of the talk on the subject is economic while the hard economic evidence is so negligible one way or the other.

'Temporary guest workers'. I guess it's unrealistic to expect a politically savvy attorney whose job is facilitating worker visas to publicly question the system he makes his living from or point out the abuses. As far as I can tell, Greg favors guest worker programs without qualification. If he's ever conceded anything wrong with H-2A or H-2B, I've never seen it. Instead I noticed he counted it as an 'anti' notch against Lou Dobbs the times he did negative stories on H-2 and while he avows the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), nary a mention of their 'Close To Slavery' condemnation of guest worker abuses.

Similarly, in his advocacy for new guest worker programs I don't see specifics on how the new plans will be better. That first requires acknowledgment that there's need for improvement and maybe it's best politically not to bring that up. The most fundamental question I have for sellers of any temporary guest worker plan is what mechanism of this new plan will make it truly temporary in light of, e.g., birthright citizenship and when all the other plans failed to be temporary? I asked that of Greg once, perhaps a little impolitely, but he did not answer. Because there is no answer?

Posted by: Jack | Jul 17, 2008 7:45:39 PM

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So please inform how can I proceed.

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