Sunday, March 2, 2008

Iraqi Refugee Admissions Still Below Pace

While the U.S. admits a relatively large number of refugees each year, its role in creating refugee situations through war and intervention has been major throughout history. The Irag situation is, of course, a recent example. Now, the U.S. is behind in its commitment to Iraqi refugees. Reuters reports:

The United States admitted 444 Iraqi refugees in February, according to preliminary figures released by a U.S. official on Saturday, up from 375 in January but below the pace needed to meet its 12,000 annual target.

James Foley, the U.S. State Department's senior coordinator for Iraqi refugees, said February's figures brought the number of Iraqi refugees admitted to the United States to 1,876 since the U.S. government's 2008 fiscal year began on Oct. 1.

Foley was appointed in September to speed up refugee admissions after the Bush administration was harshly criticized by lawmakers and refugee groups for the slow pace at which the United States had taken in Iraqis. Click here for the rest of the story.


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Why would we wish to permit the immigration of foreigners whose cultural propensity is to settle religious arguments at the point of a sword? Also, some of these refugees are no doubt the woices of reason and tolerance that will be needed in post civil war Iraq. If Al Qaida should decide to target all of the doctors in Iraq, would it be wise to evacuate all Iraqi doctors to the U.S., and leave the country without medical services? I suggest that the host bloggers wouldn't object in the least.

Posted by: Horace | Mar 2, 2008 5:44:13 PM

Horace, you're a racist pig. To claim that they are "foreigners whose cultural propensity is to settle religious arguments at the point of a sword" is a crude and inappropriate statement. Sure, most of what you've seen of Islam consists of the extremist elements filtered through our biased media in order to keep you ignorant and fearful of people who are different. And it works! But the word "Islam" actually means peace, and the true religion itself is indeed very peaceful. So don't assume all Iraqis are terrorists, kiddo.
And furthermore, moving Iraqis into the United States IS a good idea, so that they can stay ALIVE until we've done something about the little mess we've made in their countries. THEN we can send them back, ALIVE, to rebuild their torn country.

Posted by: Theresa | Mar 16, 2008 11:20:21 AM

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