Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chen on Border Fences

Chen Louisville Dean Jim Chen has a nice take on the border fence.  He finds our recent fence extension as inconsistent with the spirit of John F. Kennedy's June 26, 1963, Ich bin ein Berliner speech, which in his view "remains a classic expression of American determination to engage the world on the best and most optimistic of terms." Click here to read it.  WARNING:  Basic knowledge of Spanish helps to understand fully this entry.


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The fence is motovated by the fact that another nation has declared that our national sovereignty isn't ours to defend, and that our immigration laws are evil. This, in spite of the fact that very illegal aliens from Mexico they support have no compunctions against enacting medieval immigration laws of their own. Only Americans are to be called to account for their actions, while Mexican officials are permitted to roam this country at will, establish consulates in support of their illegal immigrants, spewing hypocritical admonitions to our citizens. They do this all the while actively working to defeat our enforcement actions and encouraging transgressors of our immigration laws. One has to wonder about the nature of the executive branch of our government which permits the issuance of matricular consular cards to facilitate illegal immigration. How many governments on this planet would conspire with a foreign power to defeat the very laws that they are entrusted to enforce. Our congress in consonance with the will of the people and their sacrid trust which they are sworn to uphold have enacted legislation to build a fence. That's what the people want. While not perfect, the fence sends a message to Mexico, that says that just as they vigorously act to expel foreigners that challenge their sovereign rights by ignoring their immigration laws, we build a fence as a message to the people of Mexico that we intend to defend ours. Those who compare the fence to the Berlin Wall are simply distorting the truth to serve their own ends. Such people are unprincipled and have few scruples, believing that the ends justify the means. Only those who would declare our borders open and our nationhood nullified, only to be incuded as part of a transnational region would make such vile comparisons. Such persons compare our government officials acting in the line of duty and acting with the dilligence that Americans can be proud of, as Nazi-like, using the same type of speech they've declared to be hateful. In this regard, they've shown themselves to be hypocrites.

Posted by: Horace | Mar 8, 2008 11:15:07 AM

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