Thursday, March 20, 2008

British Author Sent Home!

Dandy The N.Y. Times reports that Sebastian Horsley, a British author who has written a memoir detailing a life of rampant drug use and voluminous encounters with prostitutes, was turned back at Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday as he tried to enter the United States for a book party and media tour. Horsley's memoir, Dandy in the Underworld, was published last week in paperback.  He said he was detained by U.S. customs authorities and questioned about his former drug addiction, use of prostitutes, and activity as a male escort.

POSTSCRIPT According to the Washington Post, the U.S. government denied Horsley entry into the United States on the grounds of moral turpitude.


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Oy, because none of our honorable politicians have ever frequented prostitutes or had substance abuse problems.

Posted by: yave begnet | Mar 20, 2008 1:29:34 PM

We're stuck with our politicians, Yave, be we don't have to tolerate the present of drug abusers, and exploiters of women by prostitution, especially those who have convictions. By what right would the federal government have to excuse known users of prostitutes, when it is a crime in most states? After all, the feds are supposed to defend the interests of the states and the people in those states.

Using your logic, Yave, any fool might also argue that because we have plenty of convicted elected felon politicians that would justify letting in foreign convicted criminals. I'm sure there are plenty of other immigration issues you worry about than the exclusion of such people. You've made some of the most logical arguments I've ever seen blogged on the web, Yave. I'm also sure that these lawyer hosts could find nicer people to defend. Their only objective is the sensationalization of immigration, regardless of how nonsensical their arguments appear. I've come to the conlusion, Yave, that you're a puppet of any lawyer or advocacy group that objects to our immigration laws. Stick to pioking fights that have moral justifications, Yave.

Posted by: Horace | Mar 20, 2008 2:40:58 PM

Horace, I hope you never have the need to travel beyond our borders, as you clearly want everyone to stay in the countries in which they were born. At least stick to your principles and vow to never travel again ... else you're open to the same charges of hypocrisy as our politicians.

Posted by: yave begnet | Mar 20, 2008 6:23:37 PM

"You've made some of the most logical arguments I've ever seen blogged on the web,..."

Make that "illogical" in lieu of "logical", if you haven't already figured it out. Don't kid yourself, Yave, it certainly wasn't a Freudian moment.

Posted by: Horace | Mar 20, 2008 6:54:02 PM

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