Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Judge Posner Supports the Dreaded Amnesty

Posnerr BIG NEWS:  Law-and-econ guru Judge Richard Posner, a Ronald Reagan appointee extremely critical of the BIA over the last few years, supports an amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Read on.



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'The only way to block illegal immigration is to require all persons in the United States to carry biometric identification and to impose meaningful penalties on all employers (including household employers) of illegal immigrants, since no longer could an employer plead that he had been fooled by a false I.D. But these measures would be equally effective against existing illegal immigrants, as well as newcomers'

Why does employment verification have to have biometric ID? Basic pilot/E-Verify isn't biometric. I think every possible (i.e., less obtrusive) system needs to be explored before just jumping on mandatory carry biometric ID

'If we let them stay, on whatever terms, we are forgiving the illegality of their presence. The grantor of the amnesty may demand a quid pro quo, but that does not make it any less an amnesty.'

A little real straight talk on this as opposed to the painful contortions of the self-proclaimed straight talk presidential candidate.

'Third, it is argued that an amnesty would be unfair to those foreigners patiently waiting in line for permission to immigrate legally to the United States. But why the United States should care about these people is obscure. They are not Americans; we do not owe them anything.'

As some commentators are pointing out, could this not also be said of the illegal aliens he wants to amnesty?
This third point is generating a lot of resentment by those on employment based visas. Those who are saying it's odd for a judge to advocate charity toward rule breakers and callousness toward those playing by the rules have a point.

Posted by: Jack | Feb 5, 2008 10:32:36 PM

'Judge Posner Supports the Dreaded Amnesty'

But he also supports the dreaded (by some) employer sanctions.

Posted by: Jack | Feb 5, 2008 10:35:29 PM

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