Friday, December 21, 2007

Thanks for the Memories Tom Tancredo -- Or Hasta La Vista, Tomás

It is official.  Tom Tancredo has withdrawn from the race for the Presidency.  Dana Milbank has a great story in the Washington Post about the candidacy.  According to the polls, only a few percent of likely Iowan caucus voters supported Tancredo's candidacy.  One of the cruel (perhaps delicious is a better word) ironies is that Tancredogun1

"Adding to the pain, the Marriott restaurant, just steps from the meeting room [in Iowa] where Tancredo quit the race, was serving a`"South of the Border Thursday' lunch buffet." (emphasis added)

What will we do without Tommy T?


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'Tancredo is angry', how insightful. And how many times does he say it? Actually, Milbank sounds a lot angrier than Tommy T! We get it, you hate the guy.

'And while some say his deport-'em-all illegal immigration proposal is irrational,'

He's for attrition, Dana. Maybe you've heard of it? Unfortunately, you appear to be stuck playing the mass deportation straw man which is a little stale. And nice use of the hack-like 'some say...'

'dislikes more than an undocumented Mexican in the desert'

How classy. And at the same time it makes no sense. You've got snide attitude down pat, Dana, but your column reads like it took 5 minutes to write. This tripe was on Page 2 of the front section of the Post?

Posted by: Jack | Dec 22, 2007 3:21:05 AM

Tancredo is a bigot of worst kind. His whole congressional career has been about immgiration and the "perils of multiculturalisms". He complains about immigration when his district alone is only 5.8% Hispanic (most probably aren't even immigrants) and 90% white.
There are no immigrants or multi-culturalism where he comes from. Just bigotry.

Posted by: DM | Dec 22, 2007 8:45:12 AM

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