Monday, December 17, 2007

SHOCKING NEWS: Tom Tancredo's Grandparents were Immigrants!

Tancredogun1 What would this blog do without Tom Tancredo?   Of course, despite our headline above, we are not shocked that both sets of his grandparents were immigrants from Italy.  The same is true for many Americans.  But, it does seem odd for Tancredo to be such a zealot on immigration when it was not that long ago that his family immigrated to the United States -- "legally," I am sure he and his defenders might emphasize (which might -- or might not -- be true; we do not have that information).  For commentary how, early in the twentieth century, many Italian immigrants were feared and loathed (and classified as biologically and culturally inferior -- many of us would call that racist today) in much the same way that Mexican immigrants are today, see the story here.

For the Tancredo family tree, see here.

This is part of an occasional series on the family immigration histories of the Presidential candidates.


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Why is this a news story? Tom Tancredo has made no secret of the fact that his parents were ffrom Italy. He is against illeagal immigration. We are a country of laws. Do we get to choose the ones we don't want to obey? I don't want to pay my taxes. Is that okay. I just want a better life for my family, and that would sure help. I could use a new car too. Maybe the government could give me one.
Thank goodness for men like congressman Tancredo who are willing to fight for this country. I want to see this country remain the good old U.SA., not part of Mexico.

Posted by: Elaine English | Dec 18, 2007 2:52:42 PM

I second Elaine's comments completely. Anyone that knows Tom at all knows that he repeatedly talks about his grandfather who came over at 9 years old alone. He was sent west to stay with family, but never hooked up with them. He often recalls of his grandmother's insistence that his grandfather use English when speaking and the importance of their allegiance to their new home and assimilation into that culture. Again, you're showing your absolute ignorance of Tom's supporters, who are filled out by many, many legal immigrants that struggled to be an American the RIGHT way. Geez, the ignorance in this article is staggering.

Posted by: Troy | Dec 18, 2007 5:06:39 PM

If this is the best that law professors can come up with, our country and our legal education system is in real trouble!

Posted by: The Activist | Dec 19, 2007 1:09:33 PM

If this is the best that law professors can come up with, our country and our legal education system is in real trouble!

Posted by: The Activist | Dec 19, 2007 1:10:06 PM

Let's also remember that Tom attends as many naturalization ceromonies as he can. ILLEGAL immigration is a crisis in this country and someone had better get a handle on it now that Tom is out of the campaign.

Posted by: msbobbie | Dec 31, 2007 1:39:39 PM

I Just Want To Say That This Is Kinda Shocking. The Reason Is: Tancredo's Grandparents Were From Italy So When They Came Here They Were Immigrants, Illegal People. So Why Does He Want All Illegal People To Leave? That Is What Doesen't Make Sense At All. And I Do Agree With You; Illegal Immigration Is A Crisis Right Now For The Country, But Do You Guys Even Know How Much Money It Will Cost To Get All The Illegal People Out Of Here To Get Them Back In Their Country? America Doesen't Have Enough Money Right Now To Send Them ALL! Our Country Is In A Economy Crisis. I Think The Best Solution Out There Is Immigration Reform. The Country Will Earn A Lot Of Money Instead Of Loosing Money. Bye Hope That This Kind Of Makes You Change Of Opinion.

Posted by: Viviana Caraveo | Nov 2, 2010 3:39:20 PM

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