Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Immigration Articles

Sandhu, Puneet K. Comment. A legal right to health care: what can the United States learn from foreign models of health rights jurisprudence? 95 Cal. L. Rev. 1151-1192 (2007).

Gindele, Kelly. Student article. The birthright of citizenship as to children born of illegal immigrants in the United States: what did the drafters of the Fourteenth Amendment intend? 34 N. Ky. L. Rev. 367-388 (2007).

McKeefery, Michael J. Comment. A call to move forward: pushing past the unworkable standard that governs undocumented immigrants' access to health care under Medicaid. 10 J. Health Care L. & Pol'y 391-419 (2007).

Snyder, Meredith M. Note. For better of worse: a discussion of the BIA's ambiguous C-Y-Z decision and its legacy for refugees of China's one child policy. 84 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1541-1565 (2006).


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