Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tommy T Strikes Again: New Tancredo Immigration = Terrorism Ad Sparks Controversy

Tancredogun1 The L.A. Times reports that "Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo on Monday unveiled a television ad depicting a hooded terrorist detonating a bomb inside a shopping mall, a message the Colorado congressman said he hoped would vault illegal immigration to its rightful place at the center of the campaign. Critics accused Tancredo of fear-mongering."

Judge for yourself and watch the clip at http://teamtancredo.org/

In my view, this is another unfortunate linkage of immigration and immigration reform with terrorism.  Since September 11, security concerns have dominated all discussions of immigration reform, with the result being the failure to pass any immigration reform.

UPDATE:  Under attack, Rep. Tancredo defended the ad.  CNN noted that

"Tancredo's ad isn't the first political commercial to portray an imminent attack on the United States. President Lyndon Johnson's infamous `Daisy' ad in 1964 pictured a young girl counting down to a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. The ad ran once in Johnson's campaign against Sen. Barry Goldwater. Over a loud explosion, Johnson is heard saying, `These are the stakes: To make a world in which all of God's children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other, or we must die.'"



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Tom Tancredo has a point - every American knows it! We live with a vulnerability that is allowed to exist because lawbreakers continue to break into the country - knowingly and willingly breaking the law and politicians do nothing more than twist their knickers in a knot and call Americans racists. Well, sticks and stones... I come from a town in MA where I attended school and we were taught Civics, we had an active police force that simply stepped forward and their policing was well known. Our catholic church didn't try to run or affect any political issues either! This is ridiculous! Heck, we have Police Chiefs running away from this issue - Sheriff Arpaio from AZ seems to be the only law enforcement officer I see dedicated to dealing with these lawbreakers and many - notice...notice....many....by the way do come from Mexico! So, what - we're not supposed to call attention to the fact. The visa overstays are just as bad and God knows where any of them are coming from - crossing from Mexico doesn't mean their Mexican! Come on Americans. This illegallity is being promoted by politicians who either want votes or back big business but for us - they use our tax dollars to give illegals benefits. It doesn't take a genius to see that until the run-around stops with the money and the bills and the fence gets built and employers stopped - this is all baloney! Remember Sensenbrenner's bill - 12/05 - almost 3 years of a waste of time...Pelosi insisted the felony provision stay in the bill - then ripped the bill over the TV - what a hypocrite. People have stated they want to kill us my blind, bull headed, obnoxious Americans who don't want to change the wasting of America! We are being taken advantage of because we are known to be apathetic and a silent majority. This is the time to get up, speak up, make calls and change the path this country is on. I'm out of the democratic party - that's for sure.....no way is this the party I joined, nor is it the party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy represented.

Posted by: revere101 | Nov 15, 2007 4:21:52 AM