Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And the Results are In: Immigration Not an Issue in State and Local Elections

Given the anxiety over immigration over the last few years, including much agitation at the state and local level, many observers were worried about what might happen in state and local elections this year.  Well, so far, so good.

The Washington Post reports that voters across Virginia -- including Prince William County, a hotbed of anti-immigrant activity in recent months -- chose candidates in state and local elections yesterday not out of anger over illegal immigration but based on party affiliation, a preference for moderation and strong views on such key issues as residential growth and traffic congestion.

In New York, which had seen a firestorm of controversy over the Govenor's plan to allow undocumented immigrants to secure driver's licenses, Democrats declared that the license issue had not proved to be the electoral boon Republicans had hoped for in local elections, despite the Republicans’ aggressive efforts to exploit overwhelming public opposition to the proposal.

UPDATE:  On a related political note, a Newsweek poll reveals that immigration is a non-issue for 90 percent of voters in the Presidential elections.


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