Saturday, October 20, 2007

Judge Pregerson Dissents in 60 Cases: Objects to Effective Deportation of U.S. Citizens

Pregerson Late last week, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Harry Pregerson submitted dissents in a series of unpublished dispositions (60 according to his dissent but all of the dispositions do not appear to have been filed yet).  Judge Pregerson contends that, in those cases, ordering the deportation of a noncitizen parent in effect will result in the deportation of a U.S. child.  Judge Pregerson, a veteran, notes that many immigrants are dying in war and states the hope that Congress will intervene.  Click here to see one of the dissents.

Judge Pregerson has raised a critically important issue in these 60 cases. The effective deportation of citizen children through the deportation of citizen parents has long been an issue.  Recently, workplace immigration raids, such as the one in New Bedford, Massachusetts earlier this year, resulted in immigrant parents being arrested and not coming home to theor citizen children.  Elvira Arrellano's U.S. citizen son was effectively removed when he followed her to Mexico after she was deported.

Thanks to Cappy White for spotting this development.


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Progeny of the day, Bobby Jindal, son of legal immigrants. Congratulations, Bobby, in becoming the first Indian-American governor of this nation, as the new Republican governor of Louisiana.

“My mom and dad came to this country in pursuit of the American dream. And guess what happened. They found the American dream to be alive and well right here in Louisiana,” he said to cheers and applause at his victory party."

Three cheers for immigrants who play by the rules.

Posted by: Horace | Oct 21, 2007 3:48:51 PM

Just as the children of felonious citizens are not immune from the consequences of their parent's indescretions, it is evident that the citizen children of illegal aliens are not immune from the problems that ensue from the violation of immigration law. 72 percent of the citizens of New York State opposed giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens, a reaction that evidently came as a complete surprise to the owners of this blog. This is only an example of how other proposals to benefit illegal aliens will be received in the future. The delusions of these professors persist in their continued efforts to fight against the rising tide of opposition to illegal immigration in the U.S.

Posted by: Horace | Oct 21, 2007 4:59:50 PM

Just another reason that we need to abolish the 14th Amendment. No more anchor babies.

Posted by: deport | Oct 22, 2007 6:18:07 PM

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