Sunday, October 28, 2007

Breaking News! Lou Dobbs Works with Immigrants!

Because of his nightly immigration rants on CNN, Lou Dobbs has become closely associated with immigration. Greg Siskind has blogged about one irony about Sweet Lou -- he works with an awful lot of (presumably lawful) immigrants.  Siskind writes:

"Anyway, a few weeks back I started paying attention to who I was seeing on CNN everyday and started to notice a lot of folks that appeared to be immigrants. And I thought - `How ironic?' CNN runs the most anti-immigrant news show on television, hosted by Mr. Dobbs. If Mr. Dobbs really kept to his rhetoric, why is he not railing against these immigrant job stealers? Based on his views, shouldn't CNN insist on hiring only American-born journalists? I feel bad for these journalists. They probably have to be very careful about criticizing Dobbs lest they risk the wrath of the big CNN ratings leader. So I've decided to honor 14 CNN reporters who are part of CNN's American network and have to put up with Mr. Dobbs. There may be more, but here are folks that I've confirmed were born in other countries. They need our pity -

Christiane Amanpour - British/Iranian

Guillermo Arduino - Argentina

Matthew Chance - England

Kiran Chetry - Nepal

Michael Holmes - Australia

Lola Martinez - Spain

Octavia Nasr - Lebanon

Paula Newton - Canada

Betty Nguyen - Vietnam

Atika Shubert - Indonesia

Abbi Tatton - England

Ali Velshi - Canada

Zain Verjee - Kenya/India

Michael Ware - Australia Harris

Whitbeck - Guatemala

Rick Sanchez - Cuba"  Sanchez debated Dobbs on immigration a while back.


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Surprise, Lou is married to an Hispanic woman. I've never heard of him say one thing bad about Hispanics. Maybe you ought to watch his show once in a while and actually base you opinion on what you hear from him, instead of what the the Southern Poverty Law Center says about him. As far as the other CNN reporters are concerned, you prove our point. He says nothing about the reporters, as they've used our immigration system to get what they want. Obviously he has nothing against those who use our immigration process to gain legal residency.

Posted by: Horace | Oct 28, 2007 12:41:38 PM

What part do you not understand. We all work with immigrants's the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS we have the problem with. Try to sneak over to Mexico you'll be charged .. and it's a felony!! Everyone else goes to jail and pay a price for breaking the law in America why not the illegals...???


Posted by: Gloria Dean | Oct 28, 2007 12:47:46 PM

Old blog post but thanks for directing to it. If I post there in the future, he can blame you, KJ. Here is what I posted:

You sound obsessed, Mr. Siskind. Dobbs just makes you crazy, doesn't he? Why is that? Do you blame him for the defeat of 'comprehensive immigration reform' and other legislation you favor?

'So he re-invented himself as a populist to get ratings.'

Yeah, he couldn't possibly believe what he says. It has to be an act. You're just speculating but phrase it as a statement (which makes you look biased, even desperate). Do you even believe your statement or just think it somehow discredits Mr. Dobbs? Dobbs must be a heck of an actor if you are right!

Turnabout is fair play. In terms of profit motive, couldn't someone just as easily say that you invented yourself as a believer in open borders as part of the role of an immigration lawyer? That you say what you do just to make money? You're not exactly speaking from a position of objectivity but that doesn't stop you from accusing others of bias--or being 'anti-immigrant'. How would like it if someone characterized you as 'anti-American worker' or a 'cheap labor hustler'?

'Mr. Siskind practices all areas of immigration law, specializing in immigration matters of the health care and technology industries.'

I don't know much else about you, but let me guess: you favor big increases in H-1B visas? If someone for limited immigration wrote an article about you, would it be fair for for them to write, 'Obviously, the reason Siskind promotes open borders is that his clients profit from imported labor. Thus, he smears anyone who even questions an unchecked policy of that kind.'

Posted by: Jack | Oct 28, 2007 3:43:20 PM

Posted by: Robert | Nov 1, 2007 10:04:10 PM

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