Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phoenix Sheriff Asking About Immigration Status

From the Phoenix Business Journal

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has been questioning some crime victims and witnesses about their immigration status.

Those inquiries raise questions as to whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office is treating Hispanics differently from other ethnic groups, and how that might impact MCSO investigations involving immigrants.

Such actions also spark fears that immigrants might not report crimes or cooperate with criminal investigations for fear they or their families could face scrutiny regarding their legal status.

MCSO spokesman Paul Chagolla acknowledged that crime victims and others involved in such matters are asked about their immigration status during some investigations.

"In the course of our duties, we may come across situations where a person's immigration status comes into question. In these instances, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's ICE-trained deputy sheriffs will investigate and take any appropriate law enforcement action that is necessary," Chagolla, an MCSO captain, said in a statement to The Business Journal. Click herefor the full story.


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