Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Immigration Articles

Foster, Michelle. Protection elsewhere: the legal implications of requiring refugees to seek protection in another state. 28 Mich. J. Int'l L. 223-286 (2007).

Hathaway, James C. The Michigan Guidelines on Protection Elsewhere, Adopted January 3, 2007. 28 Mich. J. Int'l L. 207-221 (2007).

Hund, Brenton. Note. Disappearing safeguards: FISA nonresident alien "loophole" is unconstitutional. 15 Cardozo J. Int'l & Comp. L. 169-222 (2007).

Crossing Boundaries: Wal-Mart and Immigration Law. Articles by Maurice Hew, Jr., Bill Ong Hing and M. Isabel Medina. 39 Conn. L. Rev. 1383-1460 (2007).


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