Friday, September 14, 2007

ImmigrationProf Blog Hits 200,000 Hits!

Statue_of_liberty Today, we hit 200,000 hits on the ImmigrationProf blog. We unveiled it as an experiment in September 2005 and have had great fun over the last two years. Thanks to our loyal readers for your support and comments!


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Congratulations! Thanks for posting and for the increased information lately. Your's in one of the more valuable sources of good info.

Posted by: Glen Peterson | Sep 14, 2007 3:54:32 PM

Your relentless efforts and countless hours have enlightened, motivated and informed hundreds of thousands of readers and there is no more noble nor challenging pursuit. You three rock (academically speaking) and are people of passion, intellect, and conscience -- a rare and precious trilogy!

Posted by: Francine Lipman | Sep 14, 2007 6:54:34 PM

In these times of turmoil; when the rational of our
founding Fathers in drafting the Constitution is being
questioned. Please, try to think as an American.

E PLURIBUS UNUM (all into one), this motto wasn't
selected without considerable thought and insight. The
country was indeed new and was a Melting Pot. Our Nation was
conceived about it always being a melting pot.

A good steel is made strong, flexible, shock resistant,
corrosion resistant, and maintains a sharp cutting edge by
all of it's ingredients being alloyed or melted into a pure
homogeneous mixture.

If the pot isn't hot enough or the ingredients become
contaminated and do not melt completely, the mixture becomes
lumpy. When the steel is poured, every lump is a weak spot
and a possible failure.

This land of ours, this great Melting Pot, is being
weakened at an ever increasing rate by Lumps. There are as
many kinds of Lumps as there are ingredients in alloy steels.

Perhaps if the Pot is skimmed periodically of
contaminants and constantly kept properly hot, the Lumps
could be dissolved.
Lump#1 Ghettos, Barrios, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, et
I can understand the poor fearful immigrant seeking out
his ethnic equal when he first enters this country, not
because of a language problem because it is his
responsibility to become conversant before he arrives.

He needs time to learn the ropes, like anyone's first
days on a new job or in a new neighborhood. But once
acclimatized, it is his responsibility to blend into some
neighborhood and Our responsibility to accept him and his
family and make them feel genuinely welcome.

The idea of building low income housing in the form of a
tract is sociologically stupid. They are just creating new
Lumps. They should be spreading low income housing units
through out all neighborhoods. Incidentally the "They" that I
refer to, are also Lumps.

Lump#2 Ethnic studies
Lump#3 Bilingual education
Lump#4 Developers and contractors that put profit before the
ecological and sociological well being of an area.
Lump#5 Gerrymandering politics.

Posted by: Hermit | Sep 15, 2007 6:06:34 PM

Such obvious sycophantic blather will not get you the A+ you need, Francine.

Posted by: Horace | Sep 16, 2007 1:24:50 PM

Congrats. My blog just hit 200,000 visitors also and was started in May of 2005. Seems law professors talking immigration and A guy giving out Knucklehead awards get just as many readers.



Posted by: The Florida Masochist | Sep 18, 2007 3:36:51 AM

Thanks for all you do! As a future immigration attorney, your blog is absolutely invaluable.

Horace, chill out. Francine Lipman is a respected law professor.

Posted by: Andrea | Sep 18, 2007 11:57:59 AM

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