Friday, August 17, 2007

The Border Patrol: Need to Look More Like Soldiers?

According to a FindLaw news story, "The Border Patrol uniform is getting its first makeover since the 1950s to look more like military fatigues and less like a police officer's duty garb."  for some pictures of the new unis, see Newsvine by clicking here.


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Need to look more like military? The purpose of the new uniform isn't to look more like mililtary. It's to provide a uniform that is more conducive to the types of operations that border patrol agents are involved concidering the terrain they have to operate in. You didn't have to wear the old one. It was very poorly suited to the job. Besides, it was some illeterate that referred to the new uniform being unlike 'typical police garb'. If the writer of that article knew anything about modern law enforcement he/she would've known that most agencies are moving towards a less traditional uniform and more towards the "BDU" style pants and shirts for the simple fact that these uniforms are better suited to the occupation.

Posted by: H. Cocles | Aug 17, 2007 11:43:44 PM

If any academics serve to fit the stereotype of intellectuals ensconced in their well appointed air conditioned offices, worshipped by sycophantic students looking for the A+, spending their evenings sipping wine and cheese while pondering the vicissitudes of the masses who they have little in common with, well paid and tenured, and completely isolated from the politics of their fellow citizens, professors Hing and Johnson fit the bill. They have little respect for law enforcement officers or military, believing them to be Neanderthal necessities to be tolerated but not respected. If I've left anything out, professors, please correct me.

Border Patrol agents spend their time exposed to the elements, as do the military, so it should be no surprise that their work uniforms would morph into a similar practical design. We cannot all dress in tweads, smoke pipes while spending our time pondering social theories. Maybe the good professors should enter a work study program on the border fending off assaults from the frustrated illegal entrants, drug dealers, human smugglers, and criminals fleeing Mexican justice, or looking for new opportunities in this country. They could then become designers of haute couture for law enforcement on our borders, while eating dust and frying in the hot sun. Our Border Patrol is not the welcome wagon, but a deterrence to illegal entry, and if they have to look militaristic to do so, that's alright with me.

Posted by: Horace | Aug 18, 2007 7:44:49 AM

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