Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latino Economic Boycott of Prince William County

The Washington Post has a fascinating story about a Latino economic boycott of Prince William County, Virginia, which recently passed an immigration ordinance.  it starts:

"Maria Rivera, a hotel maid from Woodbridge, drove her two daughters to Lorton last weekend to buy school supplies. Juan Padilla, who owns a tropical-themed restaurant in Manassas, purchased all his cooking ingredients yesterday in Fairfax County. On the first day of a one-week boycott called by immigrant groups in Prince William County, both of these county residents said they were shopping elsewhere to send a message that Latino immigrants are an important, unified economic force and can't be intimidated.

`They used us Hispanics to build this county, and now they are trying to kick us out. It's not fair,' fumed Padilla, 28, a legal immigrant from El Salvador. On the window of his restaurant, La Laguna, was a large green poster that read, `We Are A Pro-Immigrant Business. Rescind the Prince William County Anti-Immigrant Resolution.' The boycott is a protest against a resolution, passed unanimously by the Board of County Supervisors in July, to deny many public services to illegal immigrants and empower police and other officials to question immigrants about their legal status and in some cases turn them over to federal immigration authorities. County officials are studying how to implement the resolution, the result of widespread concern among longtime residents who think that the rapid influx of Latino immigrants, including many who are illegal, has increased crime and blight in the area and created a heavy burden on public services."

We will keep you updated about this boycott.



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Are they boycotting the schools? Roads?

Surely the most effective (and honest) boycott would be simply to pack up and quit the county , even the country. After all, everyone knows we can't survive without them. Right?

Posted by: Mitchell Young | Aug 28, 2007 3:54:17 PM

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