Friday, August 10, 2007

DHS to Announce New Enforcement Measures Today

The L.A. Times  and the Washington Post are reporting that the Bush administration plans to announce a new initiative today to sharpen immigration enforcement, including measures to raise fines for employers who hire illegal workers, require federal contractors to use an employment verification system and add thousands more agents at the southern border. Other provisions will restrict the types of documents employees can use to prove their legal status and speed up background checks for legal immigrants. Administration officials also intend to streamline a cumbersome agriculture guest worker program. The 25 measures -- some new and some of which expand upon current policies -- come in addition to the expected announcement today of a plan to crack down on illegal immigrants by forcing employers to fire workers with discrepancies in their Social Security information.   Today's announcement is expected to paint in broad brush strokes with few details, but an administration outline of the proposals indicates a multipronged effort.   

A press statement should be on the DHS website later in the day.

UPDATE  Here is a DHS Fact Sheet on the agency's new enforcement measures.


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