Friday, August 17, 2007

Commentary: Blurred Boundaries in Immigration

Professors Jennifer Chacón, Bill Ong Hing, and Dan Kanstroom participate in a colloquy on "Blurred Boundaries in Immigration" in volume 39 of the Connecticut Law Review.  Professors Hing and Kanstroom comment on Professor Chacón's provocative article "Unsecured Borders:  Immigration Restrictions, Crime Control and National Security," which "explore[s] the origins and consequences of the blurred boundaries between immigration control, crime control and national security specifically as related to the removal of non-citizens."  She contends that the modern "insistence on formulating immigration policy while gazing through a distorting lens of `national security' perversely ensures that the law is ill-suited to achieve either national security or other immigration policy goals."  Professor Hing comments that this "striking piece . . . . warns about just how close we are to becoming a police state."


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Duh! Can you imagine that, an increase in police (ICE in this case) in proportion to the number of illegal aliens requiring deportation? Professor Hing has the cart before the horse. This is not a facist dictatorship whose need for control of the populace for political ends requires a corresponding increase in police, but a democracy responding to a massive increase in the violation of its immigration laws. The difference isn't so subtle as to be confusing, but the superficial similarities are enough for immigration lawyers to give it a spin to meet their own agenda.

Most of the American people do not possess the charitable feeling that professors Hing and Johnson feel towards Latin Americian illegal aliens, at least to the point where they'd grant them amnesty or sanctuary. The fact is that these people have a high risk of being a burden on our society for their entire lives, as it is estimated that they'll take far more our of our treasury and state and local resources than they could ever put in. There's no reason why Americans should accept this burden, as these people are the responsibility of their own homelands. These people should be deported and any aid provided them should come in the form of foreign aid, as we have done for many countries throughout the world.

There are tens of thousands of illegal aliens in our prisons, causing a severe burden on our society, and for every one in jail, there are no doubt several who are part of gangs or haven't been caught. These people have caused more deaths and harm than every terrorist who's set foot in this country to date. They are terrorist by a different name.

I stated once in this blog that should a terrorist incident be caused by an illegal entrant, this country would act. Well, the recent executions by a foreigner from south of our border have resulted in local and state communities questioning their policies of non-coorperation with ICE. Sanctuary cities will no doubt see that it is in their best interests to cooperate with the federal government. The day of the illegal immigrant is over.

Posted by: Horace | Aug 17, 2007 8:16:20 PM

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