Monday, June 4, 2007

Dem Presidential Candidates Debate in New Hampshire

The Democratic Presidential candidates debated on Sunday evcening in New Hampshire.  There were no big surprises, with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards doing well.  Bill Richardson, who seemed statesman-like to this blogger, was asked about the Senate immigration reform bill  and why the legalization program was not an "amnesty" of some sort.  Click here for the transcript to the discussion of immigration reform,  which because of the questioning and time limits was not too deep.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer tried to cause a stir by asking which of the candidates would support making English the official language of the United States.  With one exception (Mike Gravel, former U.S. Senator-Alaska), none of the candidates took the bait and Barack Obama got applause by chiming in that the question was designed to divide us, not unite us.


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Definitely no big surprises last night... except for possibly the little fight between Edwards and Obama. Definitely worth noting.

Posted by: Anna | Jun 4, 2007 9:06:54 AM

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