Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Growth of the Prison/Industrial Complex

A Wall Street Journal article (May 27) discusses the fact that jails and prisons are overcrowded.  This is a huge issue in California, with a federal judge closely overseeing the state prison system.  Among other reasons:

Tougher mandatory sentences were already straining the nation's jails. Now, the Department of Homeland Security's Border Initiative and its detention of undocumented immigrants has further burdened the system. Federal prisons already have 33% more inmates than they were designed to house and state prisons are similarly overcrowded. The upshot? A severe shortage of prison space -- and a robust outlook for the three biggest private jailers. . . . (emphasis added).

Click here for the full story.

Don't expect an end soon to widespread immigrant detention, jail and prison overcrowding, etc.


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The prison industry is primarily fueled by Draconian drug laws and long sentences, not immigration detention (short stays). Robust worksite immigration enforcement would create a deterrent which would lower illegal immigration which lowers total immigration which would slow population growth and thus prison growth.

Posted by: Jackj | May 30, 2007 4:06:55 PM

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