Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Report: Bush Administration Fails to Accomplish Mission on Immigration

A new report by Third Way (here) finds that enforcement of immigration laws during the first five years of the Bush Administration is down 30% from the last five years of the Clinton Administration, despite an increase in border personnel. The report, entitled Mission Accomplished II, estimates that it would take 109 years to deport all of the 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the country under the Bush enforcement rate. Click here for a link to a pdf of the report.

Third Way's website describes itself as "a non-profit, non-partisan strategy center for progressives."  CNN (here) describes the group as politically "moderate."

There is another  study on immigration enforcement that is worth reading.  A Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) analysis of millions of detailed records obtained from the Immigration Courts (EOIR) under the Freedom of Information Act offers many insights on immigration enforcement. One intersting fact -- despite the "war on terror," there are few deportations based on charges of terrorism.  A link to the TRAC Report "Immigration Enforcement: The Rhetoric, The Reality" can be found BY clicking on a link on the Law Librarian blog here.


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The recent 'show raids' can't hide their overall record. They are bragging about their enforcement 'trend' from Clinton's last year, conveniently ignoring their 1st five years including 2004 (3 notices to fine resulting in ZERO fines). While their data is illustrative, the authors of this study tear down the same old mass immigration 'straw man'. For crying out loud, it's not a choice between mass deportation and amnesty! Amnesty just exacerbates future illegal immigration. Jim Kessler admits that the decline in enforcement has contributed to 'our illegal immigration crisis.' Instead of a mad rush to amnesty, why not increase enforcement to create a real deterrent? Get the problem under control first and THEN consider amnesty.

Posted by: Jack | May 30, 2007 4:29:47 PM

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