Friday, March 16, 2007

Presidential Candidates on Immigration


As the run for the president ramps up, let's try to keep track of the various candidates' positions on immigration policy. Here's something on Mitt Romney:

When Mitt Romney swooped into the heart of John McCain country this week, he brought a pointed message on undocumented immigration: McCain's approach is the wrong one. Proudly touting the endorsement of Joe Arpaio, a sheriff in the state who is known nationally for rounding up immigrants in desert tents, Romney boasted of cracking down on undocumented immigrants as governor and denounced an immigration bill that the Arizona senator introduced with Senator Edward M. Kennedy in 2005.

It is a theme Romney has hit hard in recent weeks in his appeals to conservatives, many of whom attack McCain's immigration bill for proposing an eventual path to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in the United States and a guest-worker program to help fill American jobs.

"McCain-Kennedy isn't the answer," Romney said in a well-received speech to conservatives in Washington this month, describing it as an amnesty plan that would reward people for breaking the law and cost taxpayers millions to provide them benefits.

But that is markedly different from how Romney once characterized McCain's bill, elements of which are receiving new attention in Congress and from President Bush. Indeed, Romney's past comments on undocumented immigration suggest his views have hardened as he has ramped up his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Click here.

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On Romney.
I'm very interested in his candidacy for President. He seems to be unafraid to uphold the laws of the United States regarding immigration laws which is great. In speeches I've heard he's made, he seems to be a reputable, strong candidate. I have a few reservations on total support of Mitt Romney until I know more about him but so far, so good!

Posted by: Delia | Mar 16, 2007 11:29:31 PM

I like many of the things Romney and Hunter say on enforcing the present laws against the criminals that are illegally coming into this country. I believe The idea of id cards for them is bad though for it just encourages them, and what we are actually implying to them. It's ok that you broke our laws, we will even give you and Id card so you can buy things and get benifits.
This is confusing even to Americans who view them as the criminals they are. If they apply for this Id card arrest them and send them home with heavy penalities if they return.
included in this is another question. if the parents are illegals, why are their children considered legals? we are paying very dearly for them right now in medical, schooling and support, if the parents are sent back home. They shouldn't be considered Americans just because they were born here (they were here illegally) just like Mom and dad. Their status should be the same as the parents and sent home with the parent when deported. we wouldn't have the split familys we have now and the expenses of their care.

Posted by: Bob Simonds | Nov 11, 2007 10:04:22 AM

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