Friday, February 23, 2007

Interesting Tidbits from Immigration Daily

Immigrant Integration In The United States And Europe: A Briefing To The Staff At The Open Society Institute On The European Learning Exchange, January 4, 2007 Donald Kerwin writes "while the United States has no formal integration policies, U.S. immigrants believe that they can become Americans. By contrast, the European Union has developed integration principles, goals, and even benchmarks, but many immigrants in Europe do not feel that they fully belong to their countries.",0226-kerwin.shtm

Discrimmigration Bill Dahl has a poem on immigration.,0226-dahl.shtm


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Anyone who looks will discover this country has an assessed infrastructure bill of some 1.6 trillion dollars according to the American Civil Engineers Association. The United States is running out of irrigation water in the Midwest, or already has run out of irrigation water. Anyone who looks will discover the West, generally, has been in a drought for many, many years, and some signs suggest the Southwest is doomed to become the next Kalahari type desert.

The world climate is undergoing vast changes. If we allow the wealthy to pursue the goal of a constantly expanding economy without a hint of control, we won't be America much longer. And if you look a the State Governments all around this country, you are going to discover they are beginning to assume control of the immigration debate. And while the Senate continues to suggest we will open the flood gate immigration, I would suggest the states will not allow that. And there is a good and simple reason: immigration is very expensive business for the States. The Feds can open the gates.. the States are the ones who wind up paying for it and far to frequently with an enormous crime rate or enormous welfare payments. I think we will see a change.

Posted by: Joel E. Wischkaemper | Feb 23, 2007 5:14:33 PM

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