Saturday, January 6, 2007

Haitians Pray for Reform

Haitians gathered Friday at Notre Dame d'Haiti Catholic Church to pray for a change in federal immigration policies after new political leaders -- Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and a Democratically controlled Congress -- assumed power.

''People in my church are being deported and leaving families behind. Those without legal status cannot work or provide for their family, and they can't send their children to school. We need justice,'' said the Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary, Notre Dame's administrator.

The morning prayer service attracted at least 800 people, some of whom held copies of deportation orders. here.


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"Immigration advocates say they sense that recent political change may help push through temporary protected status for Haitians. If the federal designation were granted, Haitians, whose homeland has been roiled by political upheaval and natural disasters like Hurricane Jeanne, could live and work in the United States for a temporary period."

I'm sure that these Haitians can do more to restore their homeland's stability and repair damage caused by the hurricane by their presence in Haiti. No country ever recovered from a hurricane or initiated a democracy by its citizens fleeing the scene of the disaster. How does letting these people stay, even temporarily, help those working their butts off back home? This is just another ruse for granting amnesty and citizenship.

Posted by: Horace | Jan 6, 2007 6:18:58 PM

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