Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Border Culture

Gato2 The Paper of South Texas has an interview with Richard Dominguez, whose comic book character El Gato Negro (The Black Cat) fights a bizarre list of bad guys in Deep South Texas.  Social worker Francisco Guerrero grew tired of watching the way criminals preyed on the weak and innocent in the Rio Grande Valley. Inspired by his grandfather, who had been a masked Lucha Libre wrestler and crime fighter, Francisco donned the costumed identity of El Gato Negro to become the Batman of Deep South Texas, a figure who would soon be feared by drug smugglers and human traffickers all along the southern tail of the Texas-Mexico border. Fourty-six-year-old Richard Dominguez, a Dallas cartoonist and storyboard artist, dreamed up the idea for El Gato Negro more than 20 years ago after a trip to South Texas. Dominguez made his way to The Rio Grande Valley last week to celebrate the New Year with his wife’s family in Pharr. He took time to sit down with The Paper of South Texas to explain exactly how the Rio Grande Valley’s very own crime fighter, El Gato Negro, was born.   Click here for the interview.

Thanks to Texas correspondent Cappy White for this tip!


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