Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Jim Chen on Immigration, Border Fences, Etc.

For an interesting -- and very readable -- essay on immigration, the new border fence, and immigration reform by Minnesota's Jim Chen, click here.


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This sentimental drivel has no place in the real world, failing to address the economic repercussions of open borders. The result of Mexican culture has been the perpetuation of a corrupt government and strife. Open borders would only cause the spread of Mexican problems to the U.S., crime being among them. In fact it has already happened by the illegal migration of millions of Mexicans, many of whom have little education with which to cope in our more advanced society. These people will be nothing more than a burden to the taxpayers, be it for the provision of additional education, welfare or health care. Millions of U.S. citizens will object to the forced construction of new schools, additional hospitals and welfare required to adopt them into our society, for which these people will pay absolutely nothing. This isn't the age of early immigration, where our standards of living and educational requirements were far below what they are today, where one only need be able bodied to succeed. Our efforts would be better utilized in the promoting the immigration of the better educated, as Canada has done. Chen leads us down the primrose path of folly.

Posted by: George | Nov 8, 2006 9:33:54 AM

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