Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crime & immigration: different country, same views

Today's NY Times contained a story by Steven Lee Myers about anti-immigrant sentiment in Russia, which highlights the universal tendancy to link crime and immigration.  He writes:

Aleksandr A. Belov found wide publicity last year when the organization he created gave a cash award to a Russian woman accused of stabbing an Armenian taxi driver to death. During her trial, covered with lurid relish by the news media, she testified that the driver had tried to rape her.

“She rid Moscow of a rapist,” Mr. Belov told a radio station at the time. Not just a rapist, however: a rapist from abroad. He went on to assert that half of all serious crimes were committed by immigrants, the issue at the heart of his personal mission and, by all appearances, his growing public prominence.

Myers notes that nativist views are taking center stage in Russian political debates.  The full story is here. 


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