Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Catholic Bishops Go to Border

The U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration is sending a delegation to the U.S./Mexico border region to study the plight of unaccompanied minors and human trafficking victims. The ever-growing problems with these populations are some of the gravest and many times most overlooked symptoms of the broken and out-dated immigration system currently employed by the United States. The delegation will attempt to meet with a broad cross-section of agencies and individuals involved with or knowledgeable of these populations to gain critical insights and to understand their needs. The delegation will meet with Church officials, government officials, community-based organization, and other with important perspectives. Programs established to serve these populations will also be visited. Efforts will be made to connect with the bishops and other Church leaders on the Mexican side of the border in order to better understand the circumstances and perspectives there. Particular attention will be paid to potential areas of collaboration between Church programs and others in Mexico and the U.S. The delegation's trip will begin in Tucson, AZ on Monday, October 23rd 2006. The second leg of the trip will take place in Houston, TX from Oct. 24th to the 26th. The bishops will finish their border delegation in El Paso, TX from Oct. 26th to the 29th. For a more detailed version of where and what the delegation will be doing, go to Delegation's Itinerary. This blog has been designed to allow its viewers to follow the bishops on their trip, to learn what they are learning, see what they are seeing, and to hear in their own words their impressions, thoughts, and conclusions. Click here for the blog.


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