Monday, August 28, 2006

El Paso County Resolution

Today, El Paso County Commissioners passed a resolution detailing its position on immigration policies.

The resolution says the following:

§ State resources should not be diverted to support policies and initiatives that tolerate or result in racial profiling in our communities.

§ Erecting a wall would be a waste of money. The federal government should instead invest in secure, fast, and smart technology to allow fast movement of people and products.

§ Federal government should approve additional fund to reimburse states and hospitals for costs related to emergency health services, prosecution, and the incarceration of undocumented immigrants.

§ Opposition to laws that aim to tax immigrants' remittances.

§ Support for a temporary worker program with the possibility for low-skilled immigrant workers to obtain a permanent residence status.

§ Public education for all children regardless of their immigration status.

§ Support fair and comprehensive immigration legislation that balances border security concerns with recognition of the U.S. demand for workers.

§ Local law enforcement should not be given the powers to stop, interrogate, detain or otherwise participate in immigration enforcement activities.

§ Path to citizenship, to immigrants who have paid taxes, and parented citizen children and grandchildren.

§ Larger number of employment and family-based green cards to promote family unification, reduce backlogs in application processing, and that demands sensitive quotas.

§ Opposition to the $100-million expansion of the state immigration program.

§ Obligation to fund and oversee a robust Border Patrol.

§ Look at technology solutions that offer low-cost alternatives to the interdiction efforts of local law enforcement that lead inevitably to racial profiling.

§ Support the implementation of information-sharing, international and federal-state-local coordination, technology, and anti-smuggling.

§ Support for anti-fraud measures and biometric data on all visa and immigration documents.

§ Reject any action by civilians - individual or groups - who interfere with the duties of United States law enforcement officials in securing the border region.

§ Reject legislation that criminalizes immigrants, their families, and the organizations that provide assistance to them


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