Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Enforcement only?

Just as a portion of Utah's electorate apparently rejected an e"nforcement only" approach to immigration, today's LA Times has a story by Nicole Gauette suggesting that on the national level, the immigration deadlock in Congress may be moving toward resolution -- in a way that favors the House of Representatives' enforcement only approach, at least in the short term:

Now some Republican senators are suggesting — though gingerly — that they would be willing to agree to some kind of timetable in which goals related to border security and law enforcement must be met before the guest worker and citizenship programs that the senators favor could begin.

The full story is here.

Once an enforcement-only approach is in place, it is difficult to imagine what would bring restrictionists back to the table to talk about genuine, practical and workable solutions to the problems of undocumented migration.  The massive protests of this past Spring apparently are already fading in the Legislature's collective memory.


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