Monday, May 31, 2021

Women Who Miscarry Are Penalized Under Proposed Pennsylvania Law


By Margaret Drew, Co-editor

Image1For anyone who thinks that anti-abortion advocates are not also promoting misogyny, ponder this.   The Pennsylvania legislature is considering passage of a bill that would require women who miscarry to file the information with the state.  "The Unborn Child Dignity Act " requires women who miscarry not only to report the miscarriage but requires health care facilities to offer burial or cremation as an option and could involve a miscarriage fine.  The state would issue a death certificate for the miscarried fetus, as well.  

Miscarriage is a traumatic event for women.  While women have reported for generations the depression and other psychological concerns that can follow a miscarriage are serious.  Occasionally a high-profile woman attempts to bring attention to concerns through public disclosure.  Sometimes the media examines the devastating psychological impact of miscarriage.  Some describe the after effects of miscarriage as including a form of PTSD which can last for months.  Guilt is a common feeling experienced by miscarrying women.

Following this devasting trauma, Pennsylvania intends to treat the woman as having done something that deserves state intrusion and penalty.  

The father has no responsibility to the state under this proposed law.  The negative focus on women's bodily functions has ancient roots that are perpetuated here by members of the Pennsylvania legislature.   Penalizing a woman's natural functions is hateful.  There is the misogyny laid bare.

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You ought to be ashamed of yourself for misrepresenting not only the text of this bill, but the intentions that brought it to the table. I hope that people will conduct their own research and avoid relying on your "opinion" as factual information. A journalist you are NOT.

Posted by: Sunny Lockwood | Jun 5, 2021 8:04:23 AM

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