Sunday, May 2, 2021

New Report Evaluating Boston's Responses to DV and Housing Crisis During COVID-19

Northeastern Law School's Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) and Domestic Violence Institute have just released a new report that uses human rights standards to evaluate Boston's responses to DV and housing during COVID-19.

From Martha F. Davis, Co-Director of PHRGE, and Co-Editor of this blog:

Boston is a Human Rights City, and we used work of the Special Rapporteurs on Housing and Violence Against Women to inform an evaluation of Boston policies.  It's not all bad, but Boston definitely falls short in developing innovative and can improve its efforts to establish effective ways for women to report abuse,  to maintain disaggregated data that could help with targeted programs, and to involve those most effected in policymaking.  There's much to be gained by adopting a human rights-based approach to these issues as well as drawing from comparative examples.

We hope that this will spur some new thinking and action in Boston, and also serve as a model for similar evaluations in other human rights cities around the country.

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