Monday, March 1, 2021

A Time to Celebrate

I am thrilled to be taking over as Editor of the Human Rights at Home Blog. 

I am so grateful for the work of Professors Margaret Drew and Martha Davis in establishing this blog and for putting in hours upon hours of work, sweat, and tears, over the last seven years.  Margaret and Martha have consistently and tirelessly posted here several times a week, coordinated blog posts by all-star human rights law professors, reported on gross changes in human rights law and policy, kept us apprised of recent scholarship, presented us with opportunities to enjoy human rights films, poetry, and more.  This blog has been a key asset to so many of us in legal academia working to build a human rights framework here in the U.S.  Please join me in thanking Margaret and Martha and celebrating their tremendous work!

While I can never fill the shoes of Margaret and Martha, I will continue posting my own contributions here and look forward to coordinating the contributions of the co-editors and others who contribute here.  I welcome your ideas for blog posts and this blog generally.  Please contact me here with submissions and questions.  Please also be sure to encourage friends, colleagues, students, and advocates to subscribe to this blog to receive updates by email (to subscribe, click on the link at at the top, middle of the screen that says 'subscribe').

Thank you,

Lauren E, Bartlett, Editor

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