Monday, January 18, 2021

Vengeful Nostalgia

Guest contributor Prof. Jeffrey Baker from Pepperdine University has written a thoughtful piece by a southerner to southerners.  The piece addresses the harmfulness of hanging on to events of the past and denying the changes that have and continue to happen.   

"The Lost Cause imbues the defeat as an existential catastrophe that exerts mastery over every other aspect of life and defines all future days with a bitter poison that spirals toward nihilism. The Lost Cause spears a life like a rusty meat-hook that drags down any hope, optimism, or progress. The Lost Cause wants only to restore something irretrievable. It does not want to build anything new, only to slog forever through vengeful nostalgia. The Lost Cause is an addiction to past battles, the worst kind of hubris that cannot contemplate a universe without total vindication."

I encourage our followers to read the entire article here.  Prof. Baker combines great writing with a detailed appreciation of history, and like any southerner worth their salt, he is a good storyteller.

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