Monday, January 4, 2021

Georgia on your mind?

The election "controversies" continue, not only in Georgia which will be holding two Senate run-off elections on Tuesday, Jan. 5, but also in the halls of Congress and the White House, where election conspiracy theories have taken a firm hold despite all of the evidence that President-elect Biden won the election.  Luckily, the Carter Center, with decades of experience monitoring elections in developing nations and fragile democracies around the world (the US now seems to be sliding into that category), is based in Georgia and has a bird's eye view of what is going on in that state.  The Carter Center has been holding a series of short (10 minute) election bites providing context and perspective to the ongoing machinations.  Tune in today, January 4,  1:00 p.m.,for the latest update.  Prior Carter Center videos on the US election, discussing conflict resolution, the electoral college, and election integrity, are available here.

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