Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Buckle Your Seatbelts

As of this writing, the election looks likely to go to VP Biden.  Relief  may be the major emotion.  An extended exhale.

At the same time the election results are disturbing.  A Biden presidency will stave off future harms from that the Trump administration would have brought and some of the damage done through executive orders by a simple act of reversal and repeal.   That will go a long way toward preventing some of the environmental damage done over the last four years as well as restoring civil service protections and other arbitrary orders from 45. 

But change might be limited.  This was an amazing election for turnout.  For once most citizens exercised their right to vote.  But in many states the vote was close between the candidates.  The nation proved its deep division. 

The road ahead is bumpy.  Racism will continue to divide us. Anti-immigrant sentiment is likely to linger if not accelerate in the short term.  Violence may be in our near future with our current president declaring victory despite evidence to the contrary.  His followers are told that the election was fraudulent.

None of this is news.  Moving forward will be difficult.  While President Trump may be defeated, Trumpism has not.

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