Monday, November 2, 2020

Peaceful Protest Hotline

Clashes with angry people are expected to rise in the short term due to increased emotions around the Presidential election.  Just in case Trump supporters attempting to drive the Biden Bus off the road is a portent, know that there is a hotline you can call.  Organized and operated by Hofstra's Law Reform Clinic.   The critical information for Voting Day and during the weeks to follow is that protestors, including those engaged in peaceful protests, will be referred to criminal and civil rigths lawyers for representation.  

The clinic will serve legal observers, and military service members that might question the legitimacy of orders that cocerning responses to demonstrators.

The clinic opens November 2nd and depending upon need will run until March 1. 2021.

The website indicates that "Servicemembers, Conscientious Objectors, and Protesters can call the Hotline at 516-463-5935 between 6:00 PM and midnight Eastern Time any night of the week. All calls are strictly confidential."

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