Sunday, November 1, 2020

Spiritual Essentialism: The Way Ahead

Turmoil is coming no matter the election's outcome.  A Biden victory does not equate with a return to calm.  We remain a divided nation and before the nation can move toward healing, there is trouble to pass through. The president is likely to declare victory before results are announced, and we have been forewarned that he will not leave easily. Many citizens, including many in government,  do not believe in democracy. The angry Americans are not going silent. But the rest of us must.

This is the time to return to our spiritual cores. Calm, centering, and self-reflection will serve us. Our defenses against fear must be sharp. Experts tell us that the most effective path to the coming turbulence is non-violent demonstration. Sustaining non-violence demands a strong spiritual core.  That is our essentialism for the coming times.

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