Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hysterectomies - The Latest Human Rights Deprivation in ICE Camps

News outlets reported today that an unusual number of hysterectomies have been performed on migrant women, particularly at Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia.  Tubal ligations are routinely performed there, as well.  The whistle blower, a nurse who previously worked at the GA detention center, reported that the outside gynecologist removed the uterus of nearly every women he saw, and for those he did not he frequently performed a tubal ligation.  

The court complaint filed on behalf of several detainees alleges a years-long record of "human rights abuses including lack of medical and mental health care, due process violations [and] unsanitary living conditions."

Women are vulnerable, immigrant and detained women more so.  The first line of attack on women is often assault on  their bodies.   Arbitrarily removing  women's sexual parts is not just an act of misogyny. Within the context of a detainee camp environment the actions are close to medical experimentation and appropriation.   

We have had similar alerts of government sanctioned atrocities against vulnerable populations, reminders of what occurred in pre-war Germany.  Yet our reactions are muted.   At this point there is sufficient liberty remaining that massive protests might bring change.  We cannot presume that this liberty will remain post-election.





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