Monday, September 14, 2020

Exciting Human Rights Film Festival

The ACT Human Rights (Virtual) Film Festival begins on October 1 and runs for ten days.   Presented by Colorado State University, the festival offers a wide range of interesting films.  The 5th Annual Festival was originally scheduled for last spring but was postponed due to the pandemic.  Tickets may be purchased for the series or for individual films.

The films are varied and address a wide-range of  human rights issues.  Opening day will include Gay Chorus Deep South.  The film follows the San Francisco Gay Chorus as they travel through the deep south.  The trailer will draw you in as a variety of emotional moments address rejection and courage.  

Hungry to Learn follows students experiencing food insecurity.  Exploring student hunger and its connection to learning is a painful but critical exploration. Another film topics explore non-binary athletes in Changing the Game,  Yet another explores the world of private prisons. The full range of films may be explored here.

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