Tuesday, July 28, 2020

No Surprise: US - Not the Best Place to Raise a Family - By Far

In a recent ranking the United States came in 34th as the country best for raising a family.  Iceland ranked first, having received A+ rankings for safety, cost, and health.  Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Luxembourg received A+ rankings.  

The United States was ranked 34 out of 3v5 counties.  Not surprisingly, the US received an "F" in safety. Other categories in which the US received failing grades were cost and time.  No grade was higher than a C+ and those were received in the happiness and education categories. A D- in health rounds out the scoring.

If you are not one of the 1% category, you already know why the ranking is low - and appropriate.  Millions in the country have inadequate or no health insurance.  Most public schools are under-resourced, particularly those in communities of color.  The cost of living is excessive with those in minimum wage positions unable to escape the consequences of poverty.  The divide between the wealthy and those barely able to sustain themselves has not been this wide since the so-called "Golden Age". Not only is safety not secure in the US, those sworn to serve and protect can be causing the most harm depending upon your skin color.  The C+ the US received in "happiness" was generous grading indeed.




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