Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mindful Mondays

Coping in this new environment can be challenging. Maintaining our own mental health is crucial so that we can support our students in their education and their adjustments.  Technology certainly will help immensely, keeping us in touch real time with others can provide emotional support.  FaceTime and other technologies help keep relationships going.

For spiritual support and maintaining calm consider participating in Mindful Mondays which are offered at 3 pm eastern time.  Brought to you by the Mindfulness in Law Society Mindful Mondays are for people in the legal profession.  If you have thirty minutes, you might want to join in a twenty minute practice with 5 minutes for discussion at the beginning an end.  Group meditation is powerful, whether in person or via the web.  Maintaining community while experiencing isolation is a powerful way to protect our physical and emotional health.  

Various practices are offered throughout the week as MILS also partners with the Mindfulness Center at Brown University School of Public Health to offer the weekly Tuesday Pause (15 minutes) and Wednesday Mindfulness Program (45 minutes, including some discussion).  Check it out!

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Thank you for posting this, Margaret. I've shared it with my students!

Posted by: Shirley Lin | Mar 25, 2020 8:04:43 AM

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