Monday, February 24, 2020

Webinar on Criminalization on HIV

As we have written before, criminalization of HIV status has been a serious issue for those living with HIV.  Missouri in many ways has been at the frontline of criminalization not only of HIV but of Hep B and Hep C.  This Thursday, the Williams Center will present a webinar on the data of Missouri's enforcement of these criminal laws.  Information from the Williams Center reads:

"On Thursday, Feb. 27th,  1:00 PM - 2:30 PM CT, Brad Sears will summarize the findings of a new report  “THE CRIMINALIZATION OF HIV AND HEPATITIS B AND C IN MISSOURI: AN ANALYSIS OF ENFORCEMENT DATA FROM 1990 TO 2019. ” This study examines enforcement of laws that criminalize exposing others to HIV or hepatitis B or C, using data from the Missouri Department of Corrections. Between 1990 and October of 2019, at least 593 people have been arrested in Missouri for at least one of its HIV/hepatitis crimes, based on statutes that are outdated and medically inaccurate. This includes 318 people who have been convicted for these crimes. Legislation to modernize Missouri’s statutes is likely to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee in March. Please join us and invite others as well. "

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