Monday, February 10, 2020

US Government Investigates Mississippi Prisons

The Federal government is investigating Mississippi prison conditions.  Parchman and four other facilities are being investigated for their inhume living conditions.  According to NBC News, among the complaints are food containing insects, rodent feces and hair. Lack of running water and showers for weeks as a form of group punishment.  Prison staff would promise steak dinners and DVDs if inmates cleaned up the filth and mold before an outside agency came in to inspect.  The investigation was prompted after a series of violent deaths as well as protests to shut down Parchman.  "Since Dec. 29, at least 15 inmates have died across Mississippi's prisons, with several resulting from gang-related riots, according to officials. At least two of the deaths were suicide-related."

On February 19th, Columbia University School of Law will host a teach-in and fundraiser supporting Mississippi efforts to close the offending prisons and other coalitions looking to reform or abolish prisons.  For more information and to register click here.

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