Sunday, February 9, 2020

Impeachment - The Right Thing To Do

The Republican members of the Senate, all but one, displayed their lack of courage in failing to find the President guilty of crimes against the country.  The corruption of the process included a bar on calling witnesses or otherwise ensure fairness.  This was no surprise.  The sham "trial" was noted world-wide. The President remains impeached even if not removed from office.

Despite the predictable senatorial lack of respect for process as well as the partisan vote, the impeachment process was critical for moral and historical reasons.  Memorializing for future generations that there were leaders who oppose political corruption as well as the disintegration of what remains of our democracy, was significant.    Schiff, Pelosi, and Romney are names that now are recorded as voices of the dissent.  When future historians reflect on this era and write about the decline of U.S. culture and political systems, concerned opposition will be noted.

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